Vote PvdA on March 16th!

On Wednesday March 16th all citizens of Leiden can vote for the local elections. Not only Dutch citizens, but also EU-citizens living in Leiden and non-EU-citizens who have lived in Leiden for more than five years, can vote for these elections. To find out whether you can vote and how this works, you can use our helpful Q&A! Do you want to find out more about our plans for good and affordable housing, better jobs and better work, a fit and healthy city, equal opportunities for every child, a green future, and safe and secure communities? Then read the English summary of our plans!

At town hall, many say that Leiden looks beautiful, but if you look more closely, you will see that not everyone is benefiting from the wealth of the city. Walking through our streets and neighbourhoods, you meet too many people who are struggling. People who have been hard hit by the COVID-crisis.

That is why the Labour Party opts for a social city. For a city in which we help each other and the government is there for those who need it. Because we believe that we will all benefit if everyone is doing well! For the many, not the few. That is wat the Partij van de Arbeid (the Dutch Labour Party, shortly PvdA) stands for.

Together, on 14, 15 and 16 March, we can choose what is really important. For fine, green and safe neighbourhoods. And for a city in which everyone feels at home.

Our leader, Abdelhaq Jermoumi

My name is Abdelhaq Jermoumi and I am the leader of the Leiden Labour Party. I was born in Morocco and I was four years old when I came to live in Leiden. With the help of neighbours, Miss Anneke, my parents and many others, I discovered the streets of my new neighbourhood and the city around it. I soon felt at home in Leiden and I immediately loved our city and its inhabitants. The people of Leiden are beautiful people who look out for each other and support each other – even in difficult times.

Even as a child I saw that life is not easy for everyone. The place where you grow up still determines too much the chances you get in life. I saw people who couldn’t read or write and neighbours who had problems paying the rent every month. I therefore want to fight for a strong and reliable government. I want to ensure that people who need it get a helping hand. That motivates me every day to do my best for our city. Years ago, I started volunteering in my own neighbourhood, then I became a council member and now I am the leader of the Leiden Labour Party.

The place where you grow up still determines too much the chances you get in life.


When you vote in the Netherlands, you not only choose a party, but also one of their candidates. When you just want to vote for the party, you can vote for the leader of the party. Yet, if one of the lower candidates that would normally not get in, gets enough personal votes (around 370 in Leiden, dependent on the total amount of votes), he or she will also be elected into city council. The above picture shows the highest ten candidates of the Labour Party, we have thirty candidates in total. Here you’ll find pictures and information (in Dutch) about all candidates.