Vote PvdA on March 21st!

Upcoming wednesday all citizens of Leiden can vote for the local elections. Not only Dutch citizens, but also EU citizens living in Leiden, can vote for these elections. To find out whether you can vote and how this works, you can use our helpful Q&A! Do you want to find out more about our dreams and ideas to make Leiden a greener, more social, and stronger city?

Leiden is a beautiful city, with a historical city centre and friendly and pleasant neighbourhoods. Leiden is big enough to be a vibrant city, while small enough for people to know each other.

Leiden is an open and tolerant city. It is a city where everybody feels welcomed and can build a happy and prosperous future. Leiden is a city where we look out for each other, especially when people go through hard times.

Leiden is a city worthy of our pride.

The Partij van de Arbeid (the Dutch Labour Party, shortly PvdA) wants to continue to strengthen our community. By making the city greener, more social and even stronger than it already is. Although life in Leiden is good for many, at the moment we sadly can’t say that this is the case for everybody.

The threat of a division in our society is also present in Leiden. Too many people are unemployed and too many children grow up in poverty. There is not enough affordable housing and the neighbourhoods need to be a lot greener and environment-friendly.

That is exactly why the PvdA wants to invest more in good jobs, equal chances to succeed and more affordable homes. These opportunities should be for everyone, especially for those with a more limited budget, and therefore we want to tackle discrimination in all its forms.

The PvdA is one of the few parties in Leiden with a female leader. That is Marleen Damen, who once moved to Leiden to study Political Science at Leiden University. 27 years later, it truly feels like her home, where she has settled with her husband and started a family.

At the moment she is an Alderwoman in Leiden, fighting for good jobs for everyone and creating pleasant neighbourhoods for residents to live in. Why did she decide to become the leader for these elections? Because she wants to be a positive role model for women, who are still underrepresented in local politics. And for everyone who believes that Leiden is worthy of our pride.

But Marleen can’t do this alone. And she doesn’t want to. The PvdA wants to do this together with you! Because the best ideas to improve Leiden come from collaboration. Do you want to join us in making Leiden a greener, more social and stronger city? Then vote PvdA on March 21st.

Because only together we can make Leiden a better city for everyone!